Dunk Office Boredom with the Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop

Office boredom is an affliction suffered by anyone and everyone who has ever had a nine to five job. You could be an entry-level employee or amongst the top management, the banality of everyday work would surely get to you at some point in time. To encounter this boredom employees usually play virtual games, listen to music, or take extended breaks. Quality online retailers Hammacher Schlemmer have on display a fun office accessory that would drive away the office blues and add a dash of excitement to your workstation. This office accessory should appeal to people who follow sports, especially basketball. What better way to entertain yourself than shoot hoops, that too from the comfort of your office chair.

The Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop on display at Hammacher Schlemmer helps you to relieve stress and office boredom. All you have to do is pick up the mini basketball that comes with the Basketball Hoop, point it at the basket, and nail the shot. The fun office accessory comes in a compact size and will fit neatly on any office door.

A nine-inch red colored rim, which is spring loaded, sits at the center of the hoop. This 9-inch rim is no ordinary rim; since it is spring loaded the user can perform spectacular dunks on it, Air Jordan style. There is no need to worry whether the rim would break as it has been reinforced with steel screws on the hoop’s Plexiglas body.

The Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop is an ideal choice for office doors and cubes as it comes with a transparent, shatterproof backboard that will simply not break. The backboard measures 16 inches in height and 23 inches in width. Foam padding coats the rear perimeter of the backboard, which protects the doors and cubes from any kind of damage.

The front of the backboard has a white square target neatly painted on it. The square target can be used by the user to aim at the basket and nail the perfect three pointers. Lay-ups and bank shots can also be done using the square target.

With a breakaway rim that measures 9 inches and a mini basketball that is 5 ½ inches in diameter, the Mini Spring Rim Basketball Hoop is an ideal basketball accessory. The user can install the hoop on any door or cube with the twin hooks attached to the rear of the backboard. The Basketball Hoop currently retails for $49.95.

Wow, I am sure it is a great way to rejuvenate while you take a break in office. But make sure you also go through Finger Drum Kit, Magnetic Accelerator Cannon and Miniature RC Hummer.

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