Drivemocion Car Gadget To Express Your Emotions On The Road

As we all are human beings, expressing ourselves at different times are really necessary or I should say we are bound to express ourselves. Actually if you see around you, from new born kid to even animals like dogs, cats etc express themselves in one way or another. Coming back to human beings, one of the most crucial times of expressing oneself is while driving. So keeping it up, the most advanced or safe way right now is with the help of “Drivemocion”.

Drivemocion Led Car Sign

I think everyone is familiar with the expressions drivers give during different situations. Like when you are about to park your car in the parking lot and that’s the only space left. Suddenly from no where another car comes and does the needful.  I know it feels like if you could just stab him to death or break his car off but sadly our government law doesn’t allow us to do it. So you can just press a button and show signs like BACK OFF or can show a facial expression you want to.

Drivemocion Led Car Sign 2

Let’s take another example when you by mistake overtake wrongly someone and feel sorry for doing that. At that point of time, you can press the button to signal SORRY.

Drivemocion Led Car Sign 1

Like this in various ways, with the help of this device you can show up to 16 messages for various situations like HELP, SORRY, BACK OFF, SLOW DOWN, THANKS, GOODBYE etc. and many facial expressions too. Its LED lights enhance your expressions in an excellent manner and as these are fixed to your rear window with the help of power suction cup. Every one can have a look at it and will get your message.

Drivemocion Led Car Sign 3

So if you want to convey your messages to your fellow drivers with the help of Drivemocion, then it costs $29.99.

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