Capture your wonderful moments with DV20 Extreme Sports Camera

There are many camcorders available on shelf which offers robust features. With the launch of the DV20 Extreme Sports Camera, one more feather has been added to this category of robust cameras. DV20 sports camera

I am sure you’d be amazed to see the fine look of this awesome camera, which is meant to capture only the quality stuff in it. Whether there are exhilarating moments in your life, great sports events like skydiving, motor biking, stunt skating, etc., just get this DV20 Extreme Sports Camera ready to capture the best of the best moments as they happen. I am told that this camera is robust in its build and can easily be manipulated by beginners and amateurs alike.

Your friends and family are sure going to admire your intelligence when you show them the true life size recording from this extreme sports camera. As soon as you get hold of this sports camera in your hand, you would instantly realize that this is not a cheap produce.

DV sports camera 2

This camera can be easily attached on any flat surface; be it your car windshield or on the surface of a snowboard. Adjusting the viewing angle of this camera from its viewfinder is a child’s task. To record an event, all you have to do is insert an SO card into your DV20 Extreme Sports Camera and just press “record” and lo behold, you’re about to become the next award-winning professional. This sports camera has the ability to record 640 x 480 resolutions and capture 2048 x 1536 JPEG photos.

Lastly, it runs for under $48.

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