Eco-Blast Refillable Air Horn

We all want to have fun but can’t really afford to strain our vocal chords can we? If you are the partying type then you would know how bad it gets to scream your lungs out. The effects that can be devastating and at times, permanent too, so you shouldn’t do it. But without screaming and making noise, how will you have fun?

Well, here is another way of having fun in which you don’t really have to strain your chords! It’s called the Eco-Blast Refillable Air horn!

Don’t even think of it as an ordinary air horn that comes with a plethora of chemicals in it. Most of them usually work on chemicals and as soon as they are empty, they simply become trash. Besides, don’t you think so it’s time to get serious with all the going green and saving the planet fads? I personally think so and we can at least start from the ‘fun part’. This Eco-Blast refillable horn can be refilled as the name implies and is completely safe to use. It does not use any harmful chemicals therefore, you don’t need to worry about the dangerous effects most of the horns have.

Eco-Blast refillable horn is filled with compressed air and you also have a volume control on it with which you can handle the volume. If you are about to use it on your grandma then make sure you tune it down or else she might get a bigger shock than you can imagine! This Eco-Blast Refillable horn is actually pretty powerful and the sound it produces can really frighten anyone. As a precaution, do not use directly in anyone’s ear.

Here are the specifications of the Eco-Blast Refillable Horn once again:

– Refillable with any compressed air

– Non-toxic and non corrosive

– Has a volume control

– Comes with a free mini pump with which you can refill it

– Can produce up to 50 half second blast per 80psi filling

$29.99. If you really want to have fun then this is the thing you should have!

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