The Eco-friendly Pandur Vehicle Concept

Weekends are treasured jewels in today’s stressful work culture. A weekend offers an opportunity to unwind, relax, and take a breather from a hectic workweek.

Some of us like to spend this time with our families or catch up on friends. Some of us like to leave everything behind and hit the road in a 4WD.

For those who prefer to leave the high-adrenaline city life behind for at least a weekend, Romanian designer Lucian Popescu has a concept vehicle that will allow you to hit the road and erase the accumulated stress with a single press of a button.

The Pandur is a new age design that caters to the transportation needs of the individual while maintaining a healthy relationship with the environment. These two qualities make it the ultimate get-away vehicle for people who love the outdoors. The Pandur is also a very attractive vehicle to look at, as Lucian popescu has incorporated modern-day minimalism with sleek, aerodynamic design cues.

The structural concept of the weekend vehicle consists of a metallic chair that sits on three tires, two tires in the front and a supporting tire placed behind the chair. The metallic chair is elongated like a couch and is surrounded by a C-shaped frame. Tires situated at the front maneuver the vehicle and are sleeker when compared to the thick rear tire that is used for balance and grip.

The color scheme of the Pandur subtly compliments its space age design. A rich maroon covers the C-shaped frame that runs along the driver’s chair. Subtle, somber grey shades the metallic chair and the axle of the rear tire. The grey and maroon color code is gently punctuated by golden yellow that covers the outer rim of the tires.

An outdoor vehicle needs to be a strong performer over rough terrain and unknown roads. Pandur delivers an exceptional performance on any kind of terrain. Probably the best feature of the Pandur is that the tires adjust automatically to the terrain. A hydraulic system mounted inside the wheels automatically adjusts the tires to the nature of the terrain: A truly intelligent design.

At the heart of the Pandur lies an environment-friendly motor that does not rely on fossil-fuel technology to power itself. Instead, you have batteries located on the front of the vehicle that run the vehicle. These batteries are charged by intelligent systems located on the front wheel.

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