Eco Gadgets: Light Flower To Save Your Environment

The growing realization of the residents of planet Earth regarding their depleting environment is really helping our environment. At least they have started realizing that till yesterday whatever they were doing wasn’t good for the nature which has provided you with everything you need for years after year. The populace has really understood the value of nature and now is whack their brains off in figuring to save it.

Sunflower Eco Gadget 3

Here is one of the creative designs to generate light through a mechanical flower using wind power. This is “Light Flower” which can be called as an Eco Gadget or a green device. It’s a charming concept designed by the creative superior brain “Djordje Cukanovic ChuDes”.

Sunflower Eco Gadget 4

His concept proves that you don’t need high tech machines and state of the art technology to create something useful, you just need your brain to work. This device has been given a design of sun flower so that its metallic petal moves when the wind blows.

Sunflower Eco Gadget 2

Inserted with very sensitive propellers allows it to move even with the slightest of breeze. The propellers have been connected to a machine which produces electricity as the propellers move. A battery has been included so that the energy generated is stored safely and used only with its required. Actually its utilization is automatic as its light sensor switch it on and off depending on the time, whether its day or night.

Sunflower Eco Gadget 1

These don’t only look great but even will work efficiently without letting you down. I hope they will release it soon because it would be another excellent step towards the improvement of our environment.

You can see more such gadgets like  Genevia iPod Speaker and Visual Mobile Design.

Via: Ecofriend

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