Egochine B Concept Sports Car is Seductive and Sexy

Sports cars have always spelt three things: speed, speed, and some more speed. The adrenaline rush of going from nought to 60 in a couple of seconds while driving a low floor sports car is unmatched.

Even more, it seems these cars have also featured the latest technology, the latest designs, and the latest innovations. And that’s why women always fancied men who drove around in the latest road racers.

Egochine 1

From the legendary 1910 Vauxhall to the latest 2010 Renault Alpine, sports cars have got faster, stronger, and lighter with power packed engines and minimalist, aerodynamic designs. However, old school sports cars such as the Isotta Fraschini retain a particular romanticism about them with their elegant body designs and large engines.

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Italian product designer, Paolo De Giusti, used the elegance and old world charm of the Isotta Fraschini as inspiration for the Egochine B Concept: a next-gen sports car.

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The Egochine B Concept is an incredible mix of beauty, brains, and power.The road racer has a slender, sleek body that finishes dramatically with an engine room shaped like a hammerhead. The body has only one single seat reserved for the pilot of this machine. Car manufacturers would be very interested in the engine design of the Egochine.

Egochine 4

The hammerhead racer is intelligently powered by large electric motors that combine with hydrogen fuel cells to unlock the lightning speed of the racer.  In other words, not a single drop of oil is required to run this roadster. To keep the temperature of the engine from blowing up, fin-shaped coolers are placed on either sides of the engine.

The engine design of the Egochine, which does not rely on oil for fuel, would be an asset to the common car. So far, we have talked about the brains and power of the racer. Now let’s talk about the most appealing aspect of the Egochine: its eye candy design.

Egochine 5

Shades of black and off-white cover the skeletal frame of the machine. The old school color combination is complemented by smooth, aerodynamic lines. The hammerhead shaped engine room is where all the design action is. The fin-shaped coolers on the engine give the car a new age appeal, the front wheels are completely covered with articulated linear lines, the low slung headlights look ultra cool with a black spherical casing.

With its single seat approach, new age engine, and seductive looks, the Egochine B Concept unabashedly celebrates the individualism, power, and beauty.

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