Elecom Laptop Cooling Stand

If you have ever had the pleasure of building your own computer, you have probably learned one very important lesson from the experience: Computers run hot. Whether it is a laptop or a desktop, heat is a constant concern for the average computer, and that concern increases when your machine is particularly powerful. This Elecom Laptop Cooling Stand promises to keeps your computer running smoothly and pleasantly cool thanks to two USB powered fans.

At the very least, this cooling stand looks much more sturdy than many of the cheaper counterparts I have seen out there. The industrial, heavy duty look makes it look like it belongs in a work place, but I am sure it would be right at home at your home desk, too. It is also suited to laptops of various lengths, from 12.1 to 15.4 inches, so a smaller netbook could probably still fit on there comfortably.

It is important to note, though, that unless you do a lot of stressful activities on your machine such as high end games or graphics-rendering programs, you probably don’t need this $110 USD behemoth to keep it cool. It just won’t run hot enough to make it necessary unless you are typing from a beach in the Bahamas. In which case, I would probably look into to some sand protection mechanism, too. The case is constructed from aluminum and is equipped with dual 1800 RPM fans.

Of course USB powered devices aren’t a new kid on the block here at Gadgethim. This USB Warmer Pillow, for example, can help you take a nap just about anywhere, although I wouldn’t recommend one for the office. This USB power supply can also help charge a wide variety of devices, such as your cell phone, as long as you have an operational computer near by. It also doubles up nicely as a key chain, so you can take it wherever you go easily.

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