Electric Sound Bicycle Bell with Four Different Tunes

Ever since we have known the bicycle the “tring-tring” sound of its bell has become a way of identifying the bicycle.  This ringing sound has been with us for quite some time now. However, it’s time to give this bicycle bell a whole new look, not only in appearance but also in functionality.

Take a look at this ‘Electric Sound Bell’ from an innovative group of enthusiasts at QBell. As the name suggests this brand new bell is an electric one that runs on two AA batteries. It is small and attractive and the sounds it emits are sure to be loved by all. There are four different tones to be selected from and the volume can be set at three different levels. Take care of your setting as this bell is loaded with power to go up to 110 dB. So next time you venture out on your bike adjust the ringing volume according to the surroundings – for a heavy traffic area you can set it to the maximum while in a relatively quiet place you can set it to the minimum. Why raise unnecessary alarms when not required?

Available in different shades you can pick the one you prefer best, or rather the one that suits your bike the best. This electric gadget will give your mechanical bike an electric twist. At the press of a button pedestrians can be very politely requested to give way to your bicycle. Mounted on the handlebar this little alerting object is one of the very cool and desirable pieces of creation. It is not only cool but also a tough guy. Adding on to its qualities is the fact that, though electric, it is completely waterproof. You can enjoy your pedaling adventures even in the rains without worrying a bit about the safety of your bell.

Electrial Bicycle Bell

And how do you obtain this electric bell? Well, definitely from a store but only after you have paid $24. That sure does not sound much for something as cool as this gadget.

‘A bell is after all a bell’, is the common type of comment that you may come across with reference to the Electric Sound Bell. But there are things like aesthetics, designs and preferences that add little joys to ones lives. A small bell could bring about small changes and if these are happy one then why not go for it. After all, little joys do add on to become big ones.

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