ELPH – Concept Vehicle for 2025!

It is good to see how hard people are working to make the future brighter and much easier for us. We have all seen how bad the effects of technology can become if you don’t really use technology for the good. Fortunately, we have people like Rizki Tarisa who are on a mission to save the planet and make transportation easier for us.

Rizki designed this Elph concept vehicle for 2025 keeping in mind the requirements of the 2025.

First off, the vehicle is small which would of course allow you to move through the traffic easily. Unlike most of such concept vehicles, this one also has taken care of the luxury factor.

The vehicle is equipped with some superb high tech features that can make your drives much more fascinating. The car is equipped with a computer aided driving feature, safety sensors, and the ability to lean while turning. Now here is the best part – the car has multi terrain rear wheels which will make it capable of moving on any kind of surface and we mean ANY KIND!

Whether you are in a jungle or on the smoothest highway of the world, this car can take you through.

Of course, by looking at the car you can make out that the sole purpose of its design is to make it capable of tackling highly crowded roads, and parking slots.

And of course, it is a future car so the planet saving factor has been kept in mind while designing it. Yup, this one is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

It is a one seater vehicle that has a full glass front portion. Well, yes people can actually see you completely while you are driving it so maybe you would want to look good every time you are in it.

There is one front wheel which is smaller than the two rear wheels. By the way, the glass front is meant to be made of sturdy glass so you won’t need to worry about anything. The car is pretty luxurious from the inside and I would say it is one of the best concept vehicles I have seen till now. Good job Rizki!

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