Etch a Sketch iPad Case

If you want a fun yet sturdy case for your iPad then this Etch a Sketch iPad case by Headcase is for you! It’s sturdy, it’s fun, and it has everything you could ever want in an iPad case. The point here is why would you buy an Etch a Sketch iPad Case when you have a plethora of other options to go for?

Honestly, that’s what everyone thinks but once they have this case they know that they have invested in something good.

What does it offer?

First of all, the Etch a Sketch cover is sturdy and does not rip apart easily. If you have ever had leather or a silicone iPad casing you would know that hardly any of them comes with ventilation options. That makes your iPad heated up soon. But, this Etch a Sketch case covers up that weakness. It has proper ventilation areas to make sure that your iPad is always cool and it never gets heated up.

Another great thing about this Etch a Sketch cover offers ease of accessing all the ports, switches, and buttons on your iPad. This is again one major problem with most of the casings you get out there. But, this Etch a Sketch cover is made especially for the iPad, which of course let’s you access all the ports, buttons, and switches with ease. Etch a Sketch is a licensed product for the iPad by Headcase. Headcase has an agreement with Ohio Art, which is the maker of Etch a Case covers.

Why should you buy one?

Etch a Sketch case is available for $39.00. Now that price tag can make it look a bit expensive compared to the standard iPad casings you get. But, if you have already experienced the problems that can come with those standard cases, then you would know that this price is not really too much for a good quality iPad case. Besides, it’s stylish and funky, anyone with that kind of taste would love to have this case.

It is best for college students, teens, or for anyone who is looking for a casual iPad cover.

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