Etch A Sketch Video Game Artwork

If you remember the old Etch A Sketch toy from your childhood, then you could appreciate the remarkable artwork created here that provides a tribute to popular video games.

gta iv etch a sketch drawing

I can recall how fun the Etch A Sketch was in my childhood, but I can also remember how difficult it was to keep steady, remain patient and actually create worthwhile drawings. As you can see, Etchasketchist has made a heck of a hobby out of it and draws up some really detailed and beautiful artwork with the old toy.

super mario brothers etch a sketch drawing

In this small collection, the Etch A Sketch presents different video games such as Super Mario Brothers, Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto IV and also Chun-Li from Street Fighter. They may not be done in HD quality, but the result is impressive nonetheless and should be praised.

bioshock etch a sketch drawing

Awesome Job!

chun li street fighter etch a sketch drawing

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