Evil Robo Cake Is Dreadfully Delicious

Who says evil is always bad? It can be delicious and appealing to one’s eyes like this Robotic Cake. Based on a T-Shirt design printed recently, this cake is a complete sold out item.Evil Robo Cake Is Dreadfully Delicious-1

Robots in themselves are good enough, but, robots destroying stuff is just wow! This cake was an entry in the Threadless Threadcake Competition, and is a winner at that one for sure. Well, praises for the design, and besides, I would like to bring to your notice that from baking time to competition there was a gap of a week. Also, the cake wasn’t built in a single go. First a gross cardboard model of the cake was made, and then it was finalized.

Evil Robo Cake Is Dreadfully Delicious-2

Now, considering the size of the cake, the cake had to be completely edible, tasty, and also sustain its own weight. To overcome this small drawback, the baker, Jennifer Flynn used her secret pound cake recipe instead of the normal sponge cake any other guy would have used. When I highlight the icing part, I must make sure not to forget to mention that this cake is loaded with it. Weight watchers dare not to come even near this cake; your will power will hundred percent be suppressed by the delicious looks this cake throws upon you.

Evil Robo Cake Is Dreadfully Delicious-3

Evil Robo Cake Is Dreadfully Delicious-4

All in all, a superb piece of art, I give a hats off to the baker. Other pieces of edible art that you would like to take a look are the Batmobile cake and the Stage cake which has a band on it. The original t-shirt design which inspired this Robo cake is presented below.

Evil Robo Cake Is Dreadfully Delicious-5

Via: Cake-head Loves Evil

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