Figures of Chucky and Mates!

The horrifying chuck is back! Remember that ugly looking doll that came to life and scared everyone? Yup, he was Chucky and he is back! Here are some figures of Chucky and his mates that can actually make you feel the horror once again.

Well, if you have been a Chucky fan, then these would be the best thing you could ever find. There are basically four packages. Below are images and descriptions of each:

Child’s Play Chucky Head Knocker

This one is probably the neatest of all the figures. I guess he is from part 1; that’s why he is all that neat. Remember in part 1, the doll was actually cute looking until it went all crazy and started killing people. This doll is made from the finest-quality resin, and is around 7 inches tall. He has the same knife in his hand with which he killed everyone around. This one is for $18.99.

Child’s Play Chucky Battle Damaged Head Knocker

Here comes the face ripped and stitched Chucky! This one is truly gruesome and please don’t present it to your child on his next birthday or else he will go all crazy. Chucky with his knife, standing 7 inches tall, crafted from resin, and with those stitches on his face surely looks horrifying. This piece is available for $18.99.

Chucky 12-Inch Action Figure

Aw here he looks cute! With his long hair and those evil scary eyes, this one for sure looks like an old-school scary doll which of course is Chucky. I particularly love this one because of the way it is designed, and the clothes they have made him wear. Definitely, that knife and that psychotic expression on his face is for sure terrifying. This one is available for $34.99.

Seed of Chucky Action Figures

Here is a surprise for all the Child’s Play fans. A complete family set of Chucky, his wife, and their son Glen. They look cute, don’t they? All of the figures stand 5 inches tall and have rooted hair. Oh yes and they have all their accessories so be sure you keep them imprisoned or else the action will start once again! This set is available for $32.99.

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