Finger Drum Kit – For The Killer Drummer Stuck In The Office

Drums are probably not the kind of musical instrument that could be played with your fingers, they require the complete arm to function in full coordination with the other! But this cool Drum Kit is definitely not the regular kind of Jazz sets out there (which is why it got featured here), it is a special set that could be played by just tapping your fingers.Finger Drums1This miniature set is made just for your fingers, all you need to do is tap on the drum panel and every time you do, the head lights up and you can hear the respective beat. Furthermore, you can even record your crazy new drum loops and solos using the record button. Selling for just $19.95, this is probably one of the best gifts for someone who wishes to become a Killer Drummer or for some Jazz God who got too caught up in his job.Finger Drums2

Agree or not, I think that this is a great piece of electronics as you can crash the cymbals, hit the snare and even tap the bass drum all of which guarantee unlimited amounts of fun, but if you are looking for some cool gift then you should probably check out the cool personal hovercraft board or have a look at the Da Vinci Wood Catapult kit.

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