The Folder Shaped Photo Frame is Made for A Geeky Table

It is said that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, but just in this case here the picture frame might be worth a thousand KB, if you still did not get it then you should probably have a look at the shape of this photo frame, it is themed upon a folder icon from the Windows OS. This cool geeky photo frame might just be the perfect new addition to your geeky table, so much that any person just glancing a look on your table will first notice the photo frame and then the picture inside it!

Geeky folder Frame1

This cool frame, probably made out of sheets of Acrylic, features a plastic inner film that reads “My Photo”, which might make his frame extremely adorable. This could be a very necessary addition to the tables which already contain the other cool and geeky stuff like the DNA Genetic Art and the extremely elegant Katana letter opener, which just add to the coolness of your work table and some seeds of envy into others hearts and tables alike.

Geeky folder Frame2

Now you might want to get one for yourself but there is absolutely no way that I can decipher the text at the root site so probably you should just jump over to the link and see for yourselves.

via:[Geek Cook]

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