The Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener is a Dream Come True

The Kitchen is made for all, but sometimes it is said the a Man will only go in there to grab themselves a chilled beer, so at least this bottle opener disguised as a refrigerator magnet is the perfect tool to pop the lid on the bottle and make it out of the kitchen even quicker. Bottle openes on a fridge magnet

The concept of merging a fridge magnet and a bottle opener is not a new one but what this design brings to the table is class with a suave look and durability owing to the strong stainless steel body. But don’t let the $20.00 price tag get you down this magnet also comes armed with a scratch-proof magnetic back pointing out that it is made to last. Another feature is that unlike earlier designs you don’t have to take the magnet off the fridge to use the bottle opener but you can do so while the magnet is still attached to the refrigerator.

Bottle openes on a fridge magnet.jpg 1

All in all this new twist to an old fairy tale is what could be considered as a pretty good purchase especially as a gift for a guy out on a beer binge.Bottle openes on a fridge magnet.jpg 2

But do not miss out the magnetic bucky balls which could shave off hours of a boring day with innumerable possibilities to what one could make out of them or the retro Lego Video Game Consoles that give a sense of the past.

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