Game Boy Goes iPod

This overwhelmingly nostalgic “iBoy” was designed by Ryan Luke Johns and uses the hardware of an iPod, but the case of a Game Boy.  It uses a dock connecter so that the Game Boy buttons correspond to the iPod functions.  Up and Down on the D-pad controls the volume, while Left and Right seek forward or reverse.  The B buttons selects the previous track while the A button goes to the next track.  Even the Select and Start buttons function as play and pause buttons.

Sure, your fancy new iPod can play customized mp3 lists, games, streaming video content, and let you consume all kinds of other media.  But, can it let you play Tetris in puke green and yellow colors like your original Gameboy could?

Well, yes.  It probably can.  Even so, this is still a pretty cool case mod made out of the shell of an old Nintendo Game Boy.  Now this isn’t the Game Boy Advance or even the Micro Game Boy or Game Boy Color.  This folks is the original, green and yellow, giant brick Game Boy from 1989.  What we nostalgically refer to as the “Dinosaur Game Boy” because of its unwieldy size and near-prehistoric age.

Ryan Luke Johns thinks of the device as a “friendly theft-deterrent.”  I guess a thief would gladly snatch up your iPod but would not be interested in a prehistoric electronic gaming device.  In any event, it would be a slow getaway if he made off with the brick-sized Game Boy shell.

The Game Boy sure brings back memories.  We use to lug this enormous “portable” device with us on long car trips to keep us from driving our parents crazy.  Of course, Game Boy in the car was one of the leading causes of car sickness back in the day.  The sickly green and yellow colors on the screen sure didn’t help either.

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