Gauge – The Simplicity of Scope Sliding Cellphone

Not a single day passes without us hearing news regarding the coming of a new mobile phone with attractive features. Take for example the case of inquisitive but pretty “Scope” cellphone designed by Formboten. Having a quick look into it, I bet you would say, it is yet another mobile phone which resembles with so and so phone. Scope Cell Phone

But wait, folks at Formboten, the designers of the phone, are known for introducing stylish and exceptional designs, so be advised that the product would be not be a cheap one. They have a super track record of remaining in the news with their new and original concepts. Now after a great research, they have come up with the idea of introducing “Scope”, a collapsible phone, which opens up with just a tap of your finger.

Scope Cell Phone 2

But you would say, why “Scope”? There are a number of top class brands available in the market from big-wigs like Nokia, Samsung, RIM, iPhones. To this I would say, every mobile phone has quality and features of its own. Moreover, there are numerous people, and every person comes from a different background — their budget also varies. Coming back to the features of Scope sliding cellphone, it offers simple navigation for dialing numbers. The opening and locking of phone is also simple, you can do this just by tapping it with a finger.

What would attract most to the users about Scope’s sliding cellphone is its simplicity. It is wrong to compare the phone with the top brands, but overall, you would admire its design and consider using it. The phone is yet to be launched. Just wait and watch what this mobile phone can do for you.

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Via:  Yankodesign

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