The Gboard Keyboard Throws Gmail Into High Gear

The fastest email service just got faster with the all new Gboard: this small new gadget is a cool compact looking hand held keyboard for gmail shortcuts. What it offers is the ability to work with your gmail account at lightening fast speeds by bringing all the shortcuts you would normally have to scan your screen for to one place where they are accessible at the push of a button.

gbaord google gmail keyboard

The keys on the Gboard are color coded to help you find what you want easily. But what really sets this gadget apart is the fact that you don’t have to install any extra software to run the Gboard; it makes do with your present OS and an Internet browser. And connecting the Gboard to your machine is simple as it comes with a USB port; couple this together with its very small size and you have a gadget that’s perfect for the business professional on the go. The Gboard also doesn’t come with an instruction manual as its pretty self-explanatory.

Even though its called the Gboard it has no affiliations with Google what so ever, but I think it’s a drag that it only works with Gmail. This small and powerful gadget retails for just $20.00 at Gboard thus making it a perfect Christmas gift for that busy business person so that they can they can finish their work and get back to enjoying the holidays.

google keyboard for gmail

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