Gear Up! Time Is Running Out! Is What The Gear Clock Says

“Ticking Away The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day, Fritter And Waste The Hours In An Off-Hand Way”.. Some of the legendary lyrics by Pink Floyd are probably the best words in which I could ever describe this cool Wall Clock, The Wall Gear Clock.Gear Clock1

The most fascinating thing about this wall clock is it’s unique design and mode of function, if you might have noticed the you would realize that unlike other wall clocks this one does not have hands and not even a dial. The whole clock is not even stationary, the real hands of this clock is the 56cm wide, gigantic gear that rotates slowly as time passes, in fact all the various gears of the clock are visible to such an extent that we can have a clear idea of how each gear in the clock functions. Made from high quality plastic and some metal components, this piece of heavy time machinery comes at a rather steep price, of about $150.

This cool wall clock would probably make it to the top of our list of cool clocks which includes the Social Media Clock for the Twittering Geeks or the Cool Binary Watch that is made specially for Geeks.

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