25 T-Shirt Designs for the Ultimate Geek

I totally love geek clothing not just because I like geeky stuff but because of their smart designs. For this reason, I went through some great geeky t-shirt designs, and finally created this great list. So, here are 25 t-shirt designs, which include some great designs for Gamers, Apple Fanboys, Star Wars Enthusiasts, and all others. Basically, this list consists of t-shirts which every geeky will like, so without wasting much time, let us check out these interesting t-shirts.

Coexiist Gaming T-Shirt

Gamers, this is a t-shirt you must have and the reason is very obvious. ‘Coexiist’ is made out of letters and symbols used in logos of the most famous gaming consoles of all time. The design features ColecoVision which released an arcade console back in 1980, and the much popular consoles which we are all aware of today.

Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt

This t-shirt is designed to express your emotions through music, just like the way it happens in movies. It is called the Personal Soundtrack Shirt. It has a speaker and a wired remote, using which you can play one of the 20 in-built songs. It is priced at $29.99.

Mario Dealing Mushrooms

This is one of the best Mario inspired t-shirts I have seen so far. The t-shirt is designed by Ian Summers and it shows a very easy way to get mushrooms, which will help you save the Princess. You can purchase this Mario t-shirt for $18.

Funny Mario T-Shirt Design

Man, this is a really strange Mario T-Shirt! It is great that it is just a concept as anyone wearing this one will look really stupid.

Mario Snake T-Shirt

Here is another Mario t-shirt and this one stars the famous Mario as Snake from the amazing Metal Gear Solid franchise. This Super Mario Snake t-shirt is priced at $19.10.

Android Exploded T-Shirt Design

Android is now one of the hottest things discussed by geeks around the world and wearing this t-shirt will show everyone your love for this mobile operating system from Google. The Exploded Android T-Shirt shows the insides of the Android mascot for $19.

Iron Man Armor T-Shirt

This is not just a simple geeky t-shirt, this is the Iron Man Armor T-Shirt. It is a great collectible shirt for every Marvel comic geek and it is priced at $18.

LEGO Brick Construction Shirts

Here are some great t-shirts especially for LEGO fans. You can get this t-shirt for $18 and what’s really exciting about these t-shirts is that they are not just prints but are actual LEGO constructions on your t-shirt.

Geeky Musical Shirts

If the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt was not good enough then these two great Guitar and Drum Kit Musical Shirts are something really unique. Both the T-Shirts will cost you $29.99.

Facebook Style “Meh” T-Shirt

Users of the number one social networking site, here is a great t-shirt for you. This is the Meh Facebook t-shirt designed by Obeyken and it is absolutely to the point.

Minimalist Street Fighters T-Shirt

If you miss the old Street Fighter II: World Warrior then you would definitely like this t-shirt designed by Ashley Brown. If you pay some attention to the design you will see that the top row of this Minimal Street Fighter T-Shirt includes Ryu, E Honda, Blanka, and Guile while the bottom row includes Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, and Dhalsim.

Space Invaders Alien Autopsy on a T-Shirt

Retro gamers this t-shirt is for you. Priced at $18 the design on the t-shirt shows the autopsy of the alien from the famous video game classic, Space Invaders.

Mac Keyboard Skull T-Shirt

Here is another great t-shirt for Apple fanboys. The t-shirt is designed using keys from the classic Mac Keyboard and it is designed by a UK-based t-shirt designer for the next generation.

Resident Evil Zombie T-Shirt

This t-shirt is inspired by Resident Evil zombies and pulling it on your face transforms you into a Zombie craving for some brain juice. This Resident Evil T-Shirt was a giveaway at Comic Con and I am not sure whether you can still purchase it.

Ba+ Co+ N T-Shirt

Guess what, the next time you are in the chemistry lab you can make yourself your own BaCoN thanks to these three chemical elements present on this t-shirt. Sadly, it is not actual bacon but if you combine the periodic symbols of these three chemical names you get BaCoN T-Shirt!

T-Equalizer T-Shirt

Music geeks and party freaks, this is a great t-shirt for those club nights. The most exciting thing about the t-shirt is its equalizer which is not just a print but actual LED graphics which react to music. The T-Equalizer can be purchased for £17.95.

Adobe Photoshop and Flash T-Shirts

If you love doodling around with Photoshop or if you love the amazing features of Flash then you should be wearing one of these Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Flash t-shirt. Both the t-shirts have the application logo on the front while related set of icons are printed on the back side.

Geeky Star Wars T-Shirts

Star Wars enthusiasts, here are a few great Star Wars t-shirts. The first one features the RD Unit Owner’s Manual, the next one is a merger between Star Wars and Starbucks, and the last one is obviously, a lightsaber design.

Light Up Roulette T-Shirt

If you are planning to have some great time in Las Vegas and you love gathering attention, then this light up t-shirt is what you should be wearing. It features a light up roulette which spins and automatically settles at a random number. The t-shirt is priced at £24.99.

Light Up Darth Vader T-Shirt

This is the Light Up Darth Vader T-Shirt and if you are going out to Star Wars convention this is what you should be wearing. The t-shirt is priced at $39.99.

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