Amazing Nerdy Tables

The funny thing about table top games is that, well, you need a table! Not just any table will do for game night with the friends and family though. You want something a little unusual, perhaps a bit flashy, something that for better or for worse, someone will walk up to it and say “wow!” Well look no further, as we have compiled a number of fun and interesting tables for your perusal.

Ultimate Dining-Pool Table

Everyone needs to have a decent dining room table, whether it is for a good old fashioned family meal or you are inviting the crew over for another session of cosmic encounters. If you wanted to expand your table’s functionality even further, it would be awesome if it could transform into…say, a pool table! This ultimate dining pool table can do just that, so whether it is game time or dinner time, you are prepared and ready to go. Conversion from a regular table to billiards and back again takes only a minute. Hinges on each side of the table allow you to easily open it up and start playing right away.

iPhone 4 Table

Just how deep does your Apple fandom run? From my experience, fans of Apple products tend to be rabid in their fanaticism and somewhat unstable, which is probably why this iPhone 4 Table design came to be. I can really only imagine the number of man hours it took to put together a table that looks this much like the genuine article, but there you have it. As with the real iPhone 4, screen real estate is key, and you can easily see it takes up much of the table space.

30th Anniversary Pac-Man Cocktail Table

I feel like every article I write here on Gadgethim somehow connects back to Pac Man in some way. Seriously. Whether you are talking about rugs, tables, or any sort of nerdy swag, Pac Man has probably been incorporated somewhere along the line. This 30th Anniversary Pac-Man Cocktail table is certainly proof of that. This table is manufactured by Namco, the same company who originally released the game back in the 1980s, and the table can be used for normal table-like purposes, or you can power it up for an arcade game of your choice. Included are the classics like Pac Man and Pac-Mania, along with 13 other arcade games. You will probably recognize more than a few of these: Ms. Pac-Man, Dragon Spirit, Rally-X and Galaxian, in addition to less familiar games such as Dig Dug, Galaga 88, Mappy, Rolling Thunder and Xevious.

Rubiks Cube Table

I’ll be the first one to admit that the classic Rubiks cube puzzle was not for me. I wasn’t one of those people that cold solve the puzzle in record time, and I didn’t have enough interest in it to care to try, especially when I could fire up a game of Frogs and Flies on the Atari with my dad. Still, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a widespread fanbase for the cube, and if you count yourself amongst those ranks, consider this Rubiks Cube Table.

Lego Conference Room Table

I have always found lego creations especially impressive considering the amount of manpower needed to construct items out of them. It takes a whole lot of legos to put together something like this Lego Conference Room Table.  Bold and colorful, this would be a great addition to any small business out there that wants to look just a little playful while managing a professional decor as well. The table is made up of 22,742 lego pieces, so imagine how many you could piece together in an hour, then increase that number to over 9000.

Millenium Falcon Table

If you are a fan of the movies, chances are you can always make more space for additional Star Wars swag. Yet few items would be as inspiring at this Millenium Falcon Living Room table, which brings a luxurious yet geeky air with it.  The piece is topped off by glass, while the falcon itself is constructed from  bronze with a wood veneer finish. Personally, I think it looks amazing, and any guest in your home would immediately recognize the iconic ship.

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