23 Geeky Tie Designs

Ties ARE geeky, you say, so how much more geeky can you make them with designs? Right? We heard a lot of that as soon as we sailed the idea of geeky tie designs. So we set out to prove everyone wrong and drew up a cool list of 23 geeky tie designs that will make even the biggest tie-hater geek drool for!

Before anything else, none of these (or most of these) can hardly be worn at the office. But for a party wear or just to make a fashion statement, they are as cool as they can get. Oh! Just take it from us.

Pacman Tie

Have Pacman and his life-baiting ghosts hanging by your neck in a not-as-gory-as-this-sounds concept. Simply take a look at this Pacman tie! Cool appliqué work brings Pacman in yellow on a regular tie along with some blue ghosts in a military march.

Enough to set any Pacman lover’s heart on fire with desire, isn’t it?

Video Game Tie

Video game lovers are going to love these! These classic game ties bring back the memories of every true-blue video game lover of vintage video games like Tetris, Pong game, and Space Invaders.

Space Invaders Tie

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This one is for an ardent geek to keep close to his heart. It’s a simple, understated tie with the classic Space Invaders game. The monsters daintily (Did I say ‘dainty’?) printed in blue and green are absolute beauties meant for those geeky eyes! More so, they are all designer ties, so you can show off a bit more!

USB Drive Tie

Whoa, talk about being connected! Now, all you geeks can boast of being on-the-go-ready with this USB drive tie. You have a USB drive tied around your neck, and well, on paper it might sound a tad of a lame concept but believe me, it is as handy as it looks. This one’s surely for the corporate ladder climber who is also an absolute geek at heart!

8-bit Tie

This 8-bit tie is all for you Mario lovers. Mario lovers? Well, the Mario lovers will know why because this is the 8-bit tie that Mario wears. So which Mario fanboy wouldn’t want it now?

The jagged ends and the pixelated look make it even more alluring. Oh, yes to me too, the total-novice-to-anything-Mario! And, wait! It’s a pin-up tie not a classic tying one – a beauty for office wear but even more beautiful when teamed up casually!

Spy Cam Tie

It’s the age of spy cams, so get this one now to be in with the times; Or even if you are just one of those (harmless) geeks who gets moony the minute he sights anything gadgety, this is a must-have. With a suave dark-blue design, and a spy cam weaved into it, this spy-cam tie would make Bond swoon, I bet. It makes me!

Photoshopped Tie

If you are a photographer or a graphic artist, then you are going to love this one. Here you have the classic Photoshop tools detailed on a neat tie. What a tribute to the software that really revolutionized photographic images and the visual graphics world!

Pi-Tie design

Did you have a fear of the Pi in your childhood? (I did) Then this classy pi-tie design is probably not for you, and you should go onto the next tie on the list while I write this one out. You see I can’t jump, it’s my job. So, this pi-tie design is available in silk, and as I look at it more closely, I am beginning to quite like it. Maybe, you should take a closer look, and it may wipe out your bad memories.

Solar-Powered Tie

This one must be the coolest tie on earth, well of course after the USB one. Now, charge your mobile phone with this super-cool solar-powered tie! Take a look, take a look, quick!

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404 error Tie

Rebel without a pause with this one. You are a geek and you hate office, but you can’t throw a tantrum or a file on your boss’s face, or put your feet up and play video games when you have to send in that report. So wear this 404-error tie, and go all non-cooperation and civil disobedience without really risking the job. Smart idea, right?

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Keyboard Tie

This one is my favourite. Oh, I have been saying it too often. But check out this keyboard tie which is tailor-made (pun unintended) for the geek. Oh, my! What cheek!

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Circuit-board Tie

Techno geeks, engineers, and all those who go weak in their knees when it comes to anything that has to do with technology; hug this tie. This circuit board tie has a circuit board print on fabric BUT with fully functional lights! Can it get geekier than that now?

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Beer Bottle Opener Tie

No, don’t even think about it. This one could be the closest one to your heart but you will immediately lose your job if you wear this beer bottle opener to work. Unless, of course your boss thinks like you.

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Commuter Tie

Super convenient this one. Empty the pockets and put that iPod in this extremely sensible tie. Don’t mind the color but the metrosexual geek in you is sure to like it. And trust me, women like men in pink. Wink!

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How-to-tie Tie

Remember Professor ‘Doc’ Brown in ‘Back to the Future?’ Well, this one’s for all such like-minded, absent-minded geeky souls who are too busy researching another dimension to the time-space continuum, and can’t (should not) be bothered with mundane details like how to tie a tie. Just pull this one out, read the instructions, and follow them.

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Morse Code Tie

Flying geek? Put this Morse code tie around your neck and feel great! This aviation themed tie is up for sale, so grab it if you love it.

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Hanging Tie

Super original this one. A little violent and disturbing but we like! Especially the black on red, which makes the image somehow look cool.

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Taxi Cab Tie

Can’t believe it, can you? This taxi cab tie is for real, and well, it might not be for the correct office image but yes, it is great for that quirky and off-beat image you sometimes hanker for!

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Washboard Tie

This one is for that impish pixie geek with a tongue-in-cheek always, and some tricks up his sleeve. This washboard tie is made of steel and clip-on, and comes with two thimbles to enhance your musicality. Go, ting! Ting! Ting!

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Squid Tie

Like seafood? Me too. Wrap this smarty around your neck, and get everyone jealous of your originality. Oh, but before that check first if none in your circle has read this before you!

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Shoot-em-flat Tie

Humphrey Bogart (Well, don’t know why he came to mind but) fans will love this one. Boom! Bang! Crack! This gun-slinging tie is cool with the way it merges in the theme and color of its background. Superb for making a statement.

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