Genevia iPod Speaker Is Real Gorgeous And Modish

The Godfather of Phonograph the Great Thomas  Edison first recorded the sentence “Mary had a little Lamb” and then the Gramophone invented by German inventor Emil Berliner in 1887. And there after these music lovers enhanced this invention as time passed by, Stereo system came in 1931 and then MP3 or MP4 players and lastly this sweet beauty iPods entered with the blasting craze among all.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 7

There are so many amplifier speakers are in the market for these tiny and pocket sized versions of sound systems, some are really huge but indecent. But now, even that problem has been solved that too in a stylish manner. Meet “Genevia of Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker” who is the all round home Stereo which goes perfectly with our life style and very perfectly matches its gorgeous beauty with stylish iPod.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 3

Simple, aesthetically excellent, space efficient and with advanced digital musical qualities, this is the best quality one can own and can be fitted any type of stylish home decoration.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 9

The main support about this Speaker is that it can be connected with any mp3 player or iPod.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 8

This being a multi component system not only plays songs from MP3s and iPods but also has an in built CD slot drive, FM radio system, even you can attach a game console too and if you are a DJ then the next sentence will bring a smile on your face.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 4

This even has n Line-in turntables. It’s an awesome device which can be kept any where in your house because in the end, you would love to spend some quality time with your iPod music which will echo through your house.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 6

If you want to catch a glimpse of it from Gogo NYC, then visit the Wonk Design at Brooklyn, New York.

Geneva Sound System iPod Speaker 11

You can see some aesthetic design like Phonefone II Design or you may like to see PS4 Console Design.

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