Get RSS updates on iPad with Slide Reader

Slide Reader is a fast, powerful, and feature-laden RSS News Reader application especially meant for iPads.


You can manage your own feeds by setting up your own account with the Slide Reader. It lets the users import the feeds on your Google Reader through its Import facility. It can be used as your Google Reader account and get the feeds in one easy step. You can also share interesting information through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or through email to Instapaper and a lot more. The feeds are regularly updated and all you have to do is to preview them. Then add whatever feed you want to! Visit the Slide Reader’s theme store and get any of the themes to suit your mood and get your own personal touch while you read the feeds.


iPad has come up as a device which everyone around you will like to use. Your elder brother might like to check out the latest sports updates, your girl friend or boy friend might want to see a video on YouTube, or your dad may want to read the news. All these people, while reading an article online, will want to browse using a fresh and innovative application, allowing them to change quickly between profiles. The solution to all these requirements comes in the form of the Slide Reader.


If you look at the Slide Reader, you would see that the headlines and folders will be found on the left side, while article previews will be on the right. You can refresh a single folder or the whole application as per requirement. Just a tap on the arrow icon on the name of a folder, news from that specific folder can be displayed. If the Slide Reader is in the portrait mode, you can only click on a thumbnail option and the headlines’ preview will appear. Then all you have to do is to tap on the thumbnail or headlines preview of your choice, and it will display the single article view.

The sharing services supported by the Slide Reader include Tumblr, Facebook, Pinboard, Instapaper, and Twitter.

The Slide Reader is available in as many as 7 languages and comes for an introductory price of US$ 4.99.

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