Ghost Urns: Dark Humor Meets Design After Death

There are several things to look into and issues whose buzz refuses to die down when one is grieving the loss of a loved one. There is the funeral arrangements, the choice of the final resting place, the loss itself to cope with and review of the will and related financial settlements. Some of the minutest details are looked into as the loved one who has departed has left behind memories that are still very close to our hearts. One of the first things that many of us choose so as to treasure the relationship with that person is an urn.

Shopping for something as petite, but hugely significant, as an urn at such a time could be hard. Going for a typical urn that can be placed on a mantelpiece is not something people are opting for these days. They would rather buy one that looks like the departed person’s favourite can of nuts and the likes; which is why Ukranian designer Anna Marinenko’s urn is such a terrific option. If the person was someone fun-loving and had a legendary sense of humour, it is only fair that you celebrate the good times by honouring his wit. This urn is designed and shaped like your ordinary bedsheet ghost and as its fans have described it, ‘it is sure to bring your sense of humour into the afterlife!’



The ghost urns are neat and cute, so to say, and are a wise choice for those of us who are choosing urns for ourselves. When the time comes, if you would not like to disturb your loved ones and worry them about this trivial matter, or if you want to do yourself justice by choosing an urn that goes with your personality, then this is perhaps the exact solution to your woes! Alternatively, if you have had a pet that has been an adored darling of yours for many years and you would like to cherish his or her memories, their loyalty and sprightly behaviour, then you know it for sure that the ghost urn to store its ashes would bring a smile to your face even in their absence.


The fan club for these ghost urns has been constantly growing and yet another fan blogger has depicted it as ‘part Tupperware, part spaceship, part tchochke, part reliquary’.  The inside of the urn is a capsule which safely holds your beloved’s ashes. And perhaps through the ghost urn’s eyes, they are watching you enjoy and re-live their memories.


There have been innumerable inventions when considering the departed souls!

Via: Walyou

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