Ghostbusters Cake for the Sweet-toothed Monsters

We have featured a number of cakes till now and each one looks more delicious than the other. While I still can’t decide which one is tastier, you should check out the pics of this amazingly delicious looking Ghostbusters Cake.

ghostbusters cake

The Ghostbusters Cake comes with the GB Logo and it looks more than ready to be eaten.

ghostbusters cake slimer

The cake also is placed next to Slimer who seems to be ready to lick off all the icing from that cake. The cake was again baked for the 25th birthday of Heir2TheEmpire and I must say he would certainly have had a great time chomping that cake. If you would like Ghostbusters cake for yourself, I would suggest you start baking the moment you finish reading this post.

ghostbusters cake slimer tongue

Not just the Ghostbusters fans, but everyone who likes cakes would love to eat something that looks as delicious as this. You could also take a look at the tasty Tetris Wedding Cake, if you like Tetris more than Ghostbusters. However, if you like Star Wars more, you should really be checking out the Jango Fett Helmet Cake. One still can’t understand what video games have got to do with cakes because they seem to be getting along just fine!

ghostbusters cake boy

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