Gigabyte K8100

Gigabyte has revealed its new gaming laptop which is supposed to be the world’s first ever keyboard with keystrokes. It is called the Aivia K8100 and the most appealing part about it is that it comes in three different color combinations. You get red and black, and yellow and black, and just black.

They keyboard comes with four major features; touch and slide volume control, GIGABYTE’s GHOST macro engine, anti-ghosting keys, and a newly developed advanced ergonomic gaming keystroke keyboard design.

Gigabyte says that the keyboard is integrated with three different keystroke features; 70 grams, 60 grams, and 50 grams. The WASD keys, ctrl key, space key, and the arrow keys have 7 gram weight setting. The Tab key, Caps Lock key, and both the shift buttons have 50 gram setting. And, the 60 gram setting can be adjusted by the user for any key he chooses to assign it to.

The Ghost macro Engine from Gigabyte allows the user to program macros specially to travel with the device. The anti-ghosting keys allow users to press 20 different keys together without receiving interference from the other keys. Standard USB keyboards only have 6 simultaneous buttons that can be pressed together.

Apart from the features, the keyboard looks like a complete gaming gadget and all three color combinations are truly amazing. I especially like the yellow one because it gives you that extreme Motor Sport feel. Also, the keyboard is not extraordinarily huge as most of the gaming keyboards are. It is quite simple when it comes to the size and feel, but is extremely comfortable when it comes to the gameplay. Believe it or not, if you are a gamer who is looking for an extraordinary hi-tech gaming keyboard then this one is for you.

The price has not yet been shared by Gigabyte but I guess the keyboard will be soon out for sale. Till then, I guess all us gamers just have to wait and pray that they don’t drop the plan of launching this keyboard. Once again, all hail to Gigabyte for this ultimate keyboard!

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Via: Gigabyte

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