Glass Skull Decanter: For Sinister Drinks

The Glass Skull Decanter reminds me of the movie the Pirates of the Caribbean where the Skull symbolized the dominion of the evil Pirates.

glass skull decanter

You can also become a part of the crew of the Pirates of your own territory by bringing the glass skull decanter in your home. Sip in the rum like the Pirates from this decanter shaped in the form of a skull that has a cork stopper to restrain the liquor from spilling. The decanter has the capacity to holds 30 oz. of drink and I guess that’s enough for a person.

It’s a must have accessory for your Halloween or, spooky themed party. Even the empty Glass Decanter is highly appealing and thus, one can use it just for decorating. The skull decanter is easily washable at home, but you need to do it manually, as it’s made up of fragile crystal.

glass skull decanter 1

Doctors say that liquor decreases the life span of a person, and thus the skull is indeed a symbol of the doom. We can also say that symbolically it makes people aware of the fact that whatever they are pouring in it is the death drink. But, we can’t stop drinking despite knowing all this.

In case you too are bewitched by this awesome Decanter like me, you can buy one for you at Thinkgeek by shelling off just $19.99.

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