Gold Lux Foosball Table for the Well-heeled

Foosball is one of the most popular table games ever in the world. You would find a Foosball Table anywhere you go in the planet and the popularity of the game seems to borrow from the fact that Football is so popular. Here is a luxurious Gold Lux Foosball Table which comes with amazing gold plates and all the yellow metal glory you could except on a table-game like this.

gold lux foosball

gold lux foosball side

Most of the metal parts in the Gold Lux foosball table are gilded and thus they look amazingly chic. The rods are made of stainless steel and ye the look pretty cool. You could also go ahead and customize the color of the legs, field and the frame of the Foosball table. Apparently there are more than 12 options for the figures and that would bring in a lot of excitement during the play.

gold lux foosball closeup

If you get the Gold Lux Foosball Table, I am sure it would be a great step in impressing your friends who might have thought you do not normally spend on cool stuff. You could check out this amazing Lego Foosball Table if you think gold is pretty gaudy and flashy. If Foosball ain’t your thing, try getting this Intuitive Chess Set which looks quite glossy.

gold lux foosball chic

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