Surf the Web Like a King With This Mouse of Gold

In many ways, the type of mouse we use is an expression of our personality, which is probably why we have seen endless variations of mice here on Gadgethim. If you wanted to show everyone that you are an affluent computer user, well then there wouldn’t be a better symbol to choose than a gold bar, right? If you work at an investment bank, this would be the perfect mouse to wow your co-workers with!

As you might expect, this gold mouse is designed to look like you’re operating your PC or Mac with an actual gold bar.

Although I would say it is a good thing it isn’t real gold since that might be a huge pain to try and move around the mouse pad. The creator bills it as a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, but I think it would make a good April Fool’s day gift myself. The design doesn’t exactly look ergonomic, either, so keep that in mind.  Very much unlike a gold bar, the mouse weighs in at 55g, although that weight does not include the batteries inside.

The price isn’t exactly throw away at $89 USD and an additional $19 for shipping, and for a 3-button mouse type it better feel like a gold bar, too. At least the mouse is wireless, though, right? Unfortunately, the 2 AAA batteries required to power the device are not included.

If you are willing to put down that kind of money, you have a plethora of other mouse options, some of which have been featured here on Gadgethim. If you are a fan of first person shooters, you can pick up this Call of Duty Modern Wafare 2 Sniper Mouse to bring down your enemies with pinpoint accuracy. If anime is more your style, you can check out these Dai Shogun Kiriko Ninja Costume Mice that come in 3D. No, you don’t have to ask what they mean by 3D, either.

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