A Green Theft-proof Bicycle Shopping Cart

If you care about the environment and care about your health, riding a bicycle to the local grocery allows you to do both with a single push of the pedal. Riding a bicycle, when the sun is up with a gentle wind blowing, works magic on your stress levels and leaves no carbon footprint behind.

The only downside is that when you park your bicycle outside the grocery, some miscreant might just eye your ride and make way with it. It is not a pleasant experience when you come out of the grocery with your shopping bags only to find your precious bicycle stolen.

Bike concept

Designer Hyuk-Jae Chang has come up with an intelligent bicycle concept that will make your bicycle theft-proof.

‘Ville’ is an urban bicycle concept based on traditional bicycle models. It has a handle, a seat, two wheels, and two baskets: one in the front and one in the rear.

What makes the new-age bicycle concept an intelligent model is that it can be folded to double as your shopping cart inside the grocery. Yes, the Ville is a bicycle cum shopping cart that you can ride to the grocery, plus use it inside the store to hold your grocery items.

The Ville is a straight lined bicycle, but has a rectangular frame that connects the front portion of the bicycle to its rear rather than the traditional triangle frame found in other bicycles. This rectangular frame allows the Ville to transform into a shopping cart.

The rectangular frame has two push buttons that allows the bicycle to fold into a U shape. A mini wheel, intelligently inserted inside the pedal cavity, can be pulled out to form an assisting wheel. A square shaped handle sits in the middle of the rectangular frame that can be pulled upwards to form the handle of the cart.

If Ville’s two-in-one role will catch your attention, its design aesthetic will catch your eye too. The futuristic bike concept has seats, handles, and the two tyres in black while the frame of the body is colored white with thick blue lines running along the edges.

Another impressive feature of the bicycle is that it features disc brakes instead of rim brakes. This would allow the rider to have greater control while riding the Ville.

Designer Hyuk-Jae Chang was awarded the bronze prize at the IDEA Design Awards 2010 for the Ville concept. Hopefully we will get to buy it in markets soon.

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Via: SlashGear

that would grab your attention

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