Groundbreaker Multi-Tool Simplifies Wiring for Time-Saving Electricians

Even for professional electricians, wiring is a tedious job that often requires a lot of tools. The Groundbreaker multi-tool made by Gerber combines the functionality of multiple wiring devices into a single one that does the job flawlessly.

As much as they love playing with boards and wires, DIYers certainly hate going through a gigantic box of tools every time they need a specific one. From this point of view, it’s infinitely better to have a single device with multiple functions, so that no matter what wiring-related task you’re taking care of, the needed tool is always at hand.

Among the many things included in this ultimate multi-tool, some that are worth mentioning include:

  • Wire strippers
  • Curved copper wire cutter
  • Bending/Looping holes
  • Hammer tip
  • Spring-loaded pliers
  • Insulated and non-insulated terminal crimper
  • 6 bits and holder
  • Two removable, hollow handles that provide room for additional tools

With so many tools at hand, it sure is nearly impossible not to find in a matter of seconds the one you’re looking for.

This multi-tool also comes with a heavy-duty, nylon belt sheath that enables you to carry it around with great ease. The sheath provides room from the tool itself, and the extra bits and blades. Tape, pens, and other accessories you might need for your DIY projects can be placed in the additional pockets and hoops that the sheath is equipped with.

The Groundbreaker wiring multi-tool is available at ThinkGeek for $129.99, which might seem like a lot at first, but considering how many wiring tools are combined into this one, this might actually be a bargain. There are plenty of alternatives and quite a few similar products at lower prices, so people can’t complain that they’re out of options and this is the only one they have. The bad news is that the company only ships the Groundbreaker to the U.S. and Canada, so electricians and DIYers from other parts of the world will have to find a solution to get their mittens on this amazing multi-tool.

As if the components of the kit weren’t enough, the manufacturer also offers lifetime warranty for the Groundbreaker, which is something that should give DIYers and electricians a lot of peace of mind in case of physical shocks.

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