Replace your Television with the GT100 Mini Projector

It is common practice to view movies, TV programs, and play games on a television or computer monitor. Widescreen monitors allow viewers to immerse themselves in the visual world of a movie or a video game. With video resolution evolving to high definition, TV screens and computer monitors may no longer offer the complete viewing experience.

Come to think of it, the walls of a living area offer the perfect surface and screen size to view high resolution videos. With the right projector, the viewer could heighten his or her video viewing experience many fold. Optoma, the leading brand in projector technology has come up with a new age, portable projector that could replace TV screens in the near future.

The Optoma GT100 Mini Projector is a projector that seems to be designed by tech Gods themselves. It has the perfect mix between eye-catching looks and user-friendly functionality. The walls of your living area can easily be converted into the perfect viewing screen with this portable projector.

On the aesthetic front, the GT100 Mini Projector has a body frame to die for. It is sleek, delicately curved, and features line articulations that give it a modern, minimalistic feel. The entire body frame is covered in a coat of white with the name of the manufacturer printed in black.

It is the features of the portable projector that makes it a much wanted accessory among those chasing the perfect viewing experience. The Mini Projector can stream visuals from any console, set top box, DVD player, laptop, or any other video device and project them on a flat, wall surface. The visuals would be projected on a surface area of up to 75 inches.

With a native resolution of 854 x 480, any surface can be transformed into a high-resolution viewing area.  The Optoma GT100 Mini Projector also boasts of being one of the brightest video projectors around with a luminosity of 50 lumens. The brightness is duly complemented with a high contrast ratio of 800:1.

The Mini Projector is the perfect video streaming accessory for the entire family. The kids can play their video games using the projector, mum and dad can view their vacation pics in a blow-up version, and everyone can enjoy watching their favourite movie or television show together. Professionals too can use the GT100 to impress clients with their widescreen presentations.It is available at £229.99icon.

With the GT100 Mini Projector, the viewing experience is no longer limited to restrictive monitor screens.

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