20 Gummy Bear Art and Designs

Few candies have ever achieved the cult status of the gummy or gummi bear. Even now when you are no longer a kid, the sound of its name alone can bring the soft sweet, sour taste on the tip of your tongue and make you rush out to the nearest convenience store for some.

Just as anything that we love, gummy bear has been brought out of its traditional image into art and designs. There are gummy bear rug, gummy bear chandelier, and even gummy bear kama sutra. Below is the list of 20 cutest gummy bear designs.

Gummy Bear Lights

Let gummy bear light up your day with this adorable gummy bear light design from Kevin Champeny. The Jellio Gummylights, as they are called, have tiny LEDs in their butts that are battery-powered, which make you hassle-free from the cords. Three lithium batteries are included, and these batteries will last for approximately 20 hours of use.

Gummy Bear Chandelier

It takes Jellio 2 whole months to put 5000 gummy bears together to make this sweet gummy bear chandelier. The chandelier is 31″ in diameter and weights 50 pounds. According to Jellio, no more than 10 gummy bear chandeliers will be made. The price is not yet available, but given the effort and exclusiveness, it won’t come cheap.

Gummy Bear Soap

The soaps do not only have the same size as actual Gummy Bears, but also smell the same flavors they would normally have. Even better, you get 25 tiny Gummy Bear soaps in a bulk candy package for only $5. Don’t be tempted to eat them while you are washing your hands though.

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Gummy Bear Eraser

Add flavors to your study with these unbearably appetizing gummy bear erasers. They come in different colors, just as the real gummy bears.

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Gummy Bear Periodic Table

If you dread to have to remember all the chemical elements, the gummy bears are your lifesaver. Make your chemistry class surprisingly digestible with this delicious gummy bear periodic table.

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Gummy Bear Worm Chromosomes

Another gummy bear school savior from the artist Kevin van Aelst, this is a tasty worm chromosomes replica for your biology class.

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Gummy Sutra

(Giggle) Feel a little embarrassed whenever somebody mentions kama sutra? Get over your blush with this ultra cute gummy sutra – gummy bear kama sutra. It’s too adorable to even let your mind go wild.

Source 1

Gummy Bear Skull

And of course, gummy bear cannot escape Skull-A-Day. Emily Souleret, a sculpture student at the University of Richmond, made this fantastic piece as part of an independent study. The colorful skull is made of gummy bears stuck together by hot glue.

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Gummy Bear Mummy

As humans are going crazy for Halloween, gummies are of no exception. This gummy has already picked up a costume for himself. Scary, huh? This is part of Gummy Bear 365, a project where Gloomy Little Cloud creates a piece of art out of gummy bears every day.

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Gummy Bear Torture-Giant Goo

This horrible torture scene was recreated by tinybreadwennie from DeviantArt using melted gummy bears and needles. Too bad that gummy bears, even in their most brutal form, are still irresistibly yummy.

Source 1

Gummy Bear Anatomy

If you are imaginative enough to ever wonder how it is like behind the little delicious gummy bear, check out this gummy bear’s anatomical study. They’ve got brains, bones, and even penises. Gosh, I’m not eating gummy bears anymore!

Gummy Bear Surgery

Surgeries are not always bad. A bit of operation effort on little gummy bears can bring them unbearable cuteness and make you ROFL. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with them. The experiment is done wholly to entertain ourselves.

The World’s Largest Gummy Bear

If you are a gummy bear nuts, nothing can please your taste buds better than this HUGE gummy bear. A GummyDevil from What the Devil is the world’s largest gummy bear and each one is equivalent to the size of 1,400 regular sized Gummy Bears.

Gummy Bear Jewelry

ROMEingPANDA’s Yummy Gummy collection is a series of wearable gummy bears including lucite rings, necklaces, and broaches by designers Jerome Solomon and Amanda Marcuson. Until the line is available for retail, original samples made from real gummy bears coated with a thick enamel sealant are available for special order.

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Ya Ya Chou Gummy Bear Series

It’s safe to say that the Taiwanese artist Ya Ya is the queen of gummy bear art. Her Gummy Bear series, which uses the classic gummy bear as a medium, is a demonstration of the relationship between food consumption and class. The series has been highly appreciated by critics, gallery patrons as well as gummy bear lovers. The only problem is because they’re made out of candy, they do melt over time. Below are some of her works.

Gummy Bear Rug

Called “Simon,” this bear rug was made in 2006 with the size of 7″x32″x30″. It was made out of gummi bears, faux nailtops on wire armature and canvas.

Source YayaChou

Gummy Bear Chandelier

This chandelier was created in 2005 with the size of 45″x21″x21″. It was made out of gummi bears, beads, monofilament, plastic, metal and light bulbs.

Source Yayachou

Gummy Bear Candelabra

This pair of candelabra was made in 2006 from polymer clay and gummi bears on wire. Each measures at 12″x10″x6″.

Source Yayachou


This masterpiece, gummy bears on toddler mannequin, measures at 24″x16″x20″.

Source Yayachou


“Ram Ruby” is of the size 7″x9″x5″, made from gummy bears on wire armature.

Source Yayachou


“Deer Amber” is another creation out of gummy bears on wire armature. Its size is 12″x9″x5″.

Source Yayachou

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