Halo Fans Rejoice! Rockin’ Gear For All Halo Addicts

After finishing the popular game HALO: Reach, I was firmly convinced that this was the last hurrah of the series. After HALO 3, the covenant story line seemed wrapped up, and all of the big prequels were presumable covered, too. Further still, the game’s main development studio, Bungie, had stated that they were finished working on the series, which seemed like closure to me. Yet HALO 4 was recently announced by Microsoft, which means that for better or for worse, Master Chief will once again be hitting a console near you with some snazzy battle armor and new weaponry. If you are a long time fan, this could be seen as good news or bad news, but now that we know HALO will be around for awhile yet, here is some awesome HALO stuff that any fan should consider.

HALO: Reach Custom Controller

Why play HALO with a boring old white controller when you have the option of making it look so much better? This HALO Reach controller skin gives your accessories a fantastic paintjob, inspired by the series most recent prequel.  This is no decal that will peel off at the drop of a hat, either, the design itself is hand painted. I’m not so sure that’s good for the dpad controllers, though, considering how much punishment these can take. You could always just get one controlller and use it as a display piece, I suppose, to reduce the usual wear and tear on the controller, but what’s the fun in that?

Master Chief Munny Doll

Even if you played ODST, you have probably come to realize that HALO really revolves around the continued dominance of the Mater Chief. He’s just that awesome, and now he can decorate your desk or window sill 24/7 with this HALO Master Chief Munny Doll. Oddly, the style almost makes him look cute, especially with his little plasma grenades in tow. The detail on the doll is pretty incredible given the style, and I am sure that this took quite a bit of time and effort to get together properly.  The energy blade is also a nice touch.

Master Chief Balloon Sculpture

Speaking of formats that I didn’t think HALO would be suited to, balloons definitely do not make me think of a futuristic covenant killing machine. Yet one girl decided that’s exactly what she wanted to look like, and I have to admit the final version of the Master Chief Balloon Sculpture is pretty impressive looking given the materials used. How does one even begin to construct a balloon machine gun, for example? A frag grenade is also clipped onto the belt for good measure, going to show us that we don’t need that stupid covenant technology anyway.

LEGO Master Chief Helmet

I know, I know, we have all seen a pretty wide array of Master Chief Helmet replicas out there, so just another helmet in and of itself wouldn’t be that impressive. This helmet is truly unique, however, in that it is constructed entirely from LEGOs. Better still, it is actually wearable! I’m not sure how many points it scores for comfort, or how you keep pieces from falling off at random, but the looks is there. I don’t have an actual lego count available either, but I can assure you that it would be quite a lot of pieces to make this HALO Master Chief helmet, and who knows how many man hours of construction. After an effort like that, I would be afraid even to put it on, lest I drop it and shatter my hours of toil in one quick motion. The feat is still damn impressive, though.

Build Your Own HALO Armor

Being the Master Chief for your next convention or even Halloween is a lofty goal, because if you’re going to do it, you better do it right. Thankfully, these “Build Your Own Halo Armor” instructions can get you as close as can be to the genuine article without needing to be a genetically enhances superhuman soldier. All of the materials you’ll need for construction are included, and the instructions are detailed enough that you should be able to cruise through it without much trouble. After all is said and done, you’ll look very much akin to a Spartan. Not bad, eh?

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