The Halo R/C Vehicles Help You Penetrate Deep Into The Enemy Lines

The Warthog, The Mongoose and the Flying Hornet are probably the best vehicles you would want to be in if you are trying to blast into the Covenant Camp and launch a full scale attack, while these R/C versions of the same will help you navigate easily through the rough terrain of life and bring the total control at your fingertips.Warthog 1

The Warthog is the multi-purpose, all terrain assault vehicle that will help you to penetrate deep into the enemy’s lines and eliminate them with the highly devastating LAAG Turret mounted in it’s rear, carrying a driver, a rear gunner and an extra passenger it can considered as one of enemy’s most feared nightmare, not to forget the equally damaging Mongoose and Hornet that do pack a deadly punch.

Warthog 2

The R/C version of the Warthog sells for $24.99 and will make the perfect new addition to the collector’s Halo collection. The vehicle also features two non functional figures of the driver and the rear turret gunner which add a cool feeling to this fun toy.

Warthog 3

You can also have a look at the other toys like the R/C controlled Hammerhead Shark or the cool Power Surf Board through which you surf even in your bathtub!Warthog 4

Warthog 5

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