The Hammerhead Just Got Competition: From An Iron Fist On Land!

Thanks to the environmental conservationists we all have heard of the Hammerhead sharks, yup! the ones which have  faces that look as if they have been beaten flat by this particular hammer, the Iron Fist Hammer. Made from solid cast iron, this Iron Fist promises to ‘take very good care’ of every situation that demands one!

Iron fist hammer

A solid block of cast iron has gone through the furnaces at Design Martus and through the tempering processes to come out as one of the strongest Iron Fists of the present decade, standing on a lace wood platform 36 inches high, this might not be one of the tallest in the history though. One weird thing about the hammer fist is that it features only the left fist of the human hand, giving no clues as to what might have happened to the right one! the most logical reason for the same would be that the hammer is so strong  that only it’s left hand is enough for the job(unless the creator is a south paw!)

The strongly erupting veins on the fist portray only one image “For Tough Guys Only”, and comes with a statutory warning – keep away from children! Also in order to be on fair terms with the environmental conservationists  please do check out the cool Hammerhead RC controlled replica, which might be the next beast prowling our seas.

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