The Hard Drive Clock Now Stores Your Passage Through Time

It is more than obvious that we are presently facing a grave pollution crisis and a major contributor to this is e-waste, or the left overs of yesterdays computers. Now to cope with this problem many inventors and radical thinkers have been feverishly working to reuse, reduce and recycle this waste; one unique and useful idea that has been born out of this necessity is this hadrisk turned clock.

Hadr Drive Clock

The clock has been fashioned out of an actual laptop hard drive and stands at 3.5″ wide and 5.5″ tall and This inherited hard drive look really makes it perfectly suited for a geek’s table top. Also as far eco-friendliness goes, this clock tips the scales by keeping the in-recyclable plastics away from the environment and thus ensuring a less-polluted environment at least for the foreseeable future.

The clock sells for $32 and with comes with shipping for an extra fee, but considering the environmental benefits and its unique looks it should be a decent buy and as this clock will most probably be sitting on a desk, this desktop vacuum cleaner may be worth a look.Another watch that arouse the interest of any computer engineer would be thisĀ binary watch.

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