Hidden Bookcase could Suit Homes and Businesses Alike

After having a look at this hidden bookcase, one can conjure up images of a Hollywood or Bollywood thriller in which the villain could be seen hiding behind a secret wall and operating its underworld activities.  hidden bookcase1

But wait here is the good news, you won’t have to indulge into nefarious activities by purchasing this hidden bookcase. This can easily be converted into a divider and the best part of owning this hidden bookcase is, it smoothly slides on a floor-based rail and conceals the other half part of your office or home. Thus it can help you if you are operating your business from home.  Becoming a proud owner of this product would definitely help you conceal your home from your business visitors. The bookcase is made of oak wood, cherry wood, and maple wood. The large bookcase is available in height of 88” and width of 66”, while its medium range has a height of 88” while width is 66”.

Hidden bookcase2

The other feature of this product is it opens and closes without any noise when you pull it outward, once closed, no person can ever imagine that this hidden bookcase has some hidden world located on the other side. This is nicely designed and would definitely convince your visitors at home or office.  This can of course be used as a library or could be easily accommodated in your living room. This is priced at $3000 and there is extra shipping cost of $250 along with this product.

Hidden bookcase3

People residing in abroad can also purchase this product, there is international shipping available for this. The product comes at a warranty of one year. The company is also offering seven day returning option, in case you are not satisfied with the product. So it is time you bank on this product if you are badly thinking of converting your home into office or just for decoration purposes. Other products you may like to try include  21 Awesome Tent Designs and  Wind Chasers, Perfect Gift for the Adventurous.

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