Holocube Is The Geeky Way Of Advertisement With A 3D Touch

For an advertisement it’s real important that how much mass you attract in each shot. And every one knows that the most conventional methods of advertisements are fliers, big banners, news paper advertisements, T.V Commercials and the most modern one is advertising web wide through out the World. After having a look at this Holocube, you will surely start believing that a new era of technology is advancing quickly.

Holocube 1

This is the latest and the most creative, cost efficient and attractive device with a sole purpose of advertising with a stylish manner. Here is the Holocube which is not only make the jaws of the customer or the view touch the ground but will showcase your product in a never seen before way.

Holocube 4

Thanks to its 3D technology, Holocube is your own 3D projection platform which has been made by combining the most modern projection techniques which allows giving a full focus on the product and also giving it a contextual 3D projection.

Holocube 2

Coming with a 40 GB hard drive, you can store up to 18 hours of compressed video in this cube box. Its 20 inch square screen with a 1080i resolution gives an excellent viewing experience.

Holocube 3

Although made with a sole purpose of advertising products, I wouldn’t mind trying to watch a movie in that.

Holocube 7

The company which advertises its products using this device is sure to gain success because the 3D projection of this device will surely win the heart of the customer.

Holocube 5

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