Homer Simpson Clock Will Help You Take Important Decisions In Life

If you like the Simpsons then you would have no issues in recognizing the grave problem our friend Homer is facing here, he has to now choose between two of his favorites- Donuts and Beer, won’t you lend him a hand?
Simpsons Clock

If you ever fell into a tough situation like this and need to make a quick and proper decision then this cool Homer Clock will be sitting right there on your table and encouraging you to take the logical step form the side lines. The Homer clock sells for $39.99 and is a great bargain for any Simpsons fan.

The cool features of this clock are that it’s eyes are animated, they move along with the ticking of the clock, in addition to the eyes the arms are animated as well, standing almost 11 inches tall and 8 inches wide, this one of the coolest table clocks you would come across. You can also have a look at the other cool clocks that would look great on your table, like the Lego Clock or the retro Movie Time Clocks.

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