This Human Hamster Ball for Zorbing Thrill at Your Backyard Hill

Actually Human hamster ball is the name of the ball or I should say Zorb used in the adventure or recreational sport called Zorbing as a giant Human hamster ball which is rolling down through a hill or terrain carrying you for fun and excitement.


This can be done without any fear of getting injured because these balls are specially made up of transparent double sectioned, industrially reinforced PVC plastic with an air layer in between which acts as a shock absorber for the rider and you can enjoy the roll without getting hurt. Thought there are mostly two types of human balls those are harnessed and non-harnessed but I prefer the harnessed one for more safety. Any normal person who is less then 6’6” height or smaller two can enter easily for a ride as the diameter is 79” inside and outside it comes with a diameter of 103″ and large is 118″ with two sides opening to enter. This is not recommended for heart patients and kids below 17, for your own safety.

Human Hamster ball for Zorbing

Mostly used for adventure sports, One human hamster ball ride can give you such an adrenalin rush experience which you won’t be able to forget in you life time and so that you don’t have to go any where to search for this ball, Opulent items are selling these balls for only $1350 to give you, your family and friends that life time experience every weekend. Taking two weeks for shipping with an additional expense of $200, you can also order it 2 weeks before some one’s birthday and give him the best surprised gift he has ever received.

Human Hamster ball for Zorbing

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Human Hamster ball for Zorbing

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