Ice Ball Mold for Perfect Ice Spheres

So, don’t you want those perfect round ice balls for your next family dinner? They look neat and of course amusing to the guests. Once you have this Ice Ball Mold, just imagine how surprised your guests would be.

Trust me, they would be really curious to know how exactly you made those perfect balls. And, you will be grinning about it because you’d know who saved the day for you!

This Ice Ball Mold is an easy to use machine and is of professional-grade quality. Of course, it is a long lasting one and you won’t need to fix it every now and then. People who have used it haven’t complained about it yet. It is a solid machine (as you can see in the pictures) and has the ability of creating ice balls within seconds.

Why exactly should you buy this one?

It is scientifically proven that the smaller the surface area of the ice, the more time they take to melt. That is the reason why you will always find ice balls melting slower than ice cubes. Besides, having ice balls on your table for your guests is a better way of keeping them entertained and showing off your culinary skills. So, why not cut the hectic and buy a machine that can give you perfect exquisite looking crystal ice balls?

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple actually! All you need to do is to heat it briefly in hot water. Then put some good quality ice in the the mold and cover the machine. There you go, it will automatically start making ice balls. Isn’t that cool?

There are different sizes available of the Ice Ball Mold amongst which the 30mm version is the handiest one. You can even carry it around with you for your picnics or other occasions. Also, the machine is pretty light. By looking at the pictures, you might feel that it is one hefty machine but it’s not. Though it does look like a huge cylinder that is quite heavy, in reality, it’s not.

The Ice Ball Mold is available for $199.

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