Ice Cubes Rubik’s Cube is the Coolest Puzzle Cube Ever!

After so many years, the Rubik’s Cube is ever so popular and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, especially with the different designs, creations as this Ice Cubes Rubik’s Cube.

ice cube rubik's cube design

This is a cool new way to look at the Rubik’s Cube created by designer kaizer13. The cool thing is that it gives you incentive to solve the puzzle the quickest way possible, for the longer it will take you, the more painful you hands would be from the ice cubes.

Yes, so this Rubik’s Cube is actually designed by plastics, and it may not be really possible to play and solve this puzzle the traditional Rubik’s Cube way, but you cannot deny the design doesn’t look cool as ice.

cool rubik's cube ice cube

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