Igala Is The Next Gen Digital Photo Frame With Countless Facilities

Digital Photo Frames were invented just a few years back and it became super hit. These devices got such an acceptance because of their small but important features like displaying photos and supporting multimedia content, it’s sleek and compact appearance with which you can roam around everywhere. As things are getting advance every second, they thought of taking these Digital Photo Frames to the next level and ended up creating “iGala”, the next gen Digital photo frame.

iGala Wifi linux Photoframe

I will get on to the looks and some features after sometime, first comes its outstanding ability to optimize the viewing of photos on this wireless Wi-Fi enabled picture frame. It can also convert text based channels to images like news headline, sports scores, live weather reports, horoscopes and even all the image content from National Geographic website, AP Images and other galleries around the world.

iGala Wifi linux Photoframe 3

You can even share photos from social sites like Flickr, Picasa, Webshots, Facebook, Orkut and many more. Even iGala also allows you to login to your email account and display any e-mailed photos on its screen. With 800×600 resolutions LCD screen gives you a picture perfect view without straining the eyes.

iGala Wifi linux Photoframe 1

With full touch-screen interface, you can handle it with easy, just take care and don’t press it too hard. With Linux based operating system, it does not need any PC setup and does things wirelessly and intelligently. Its MP3 support allows playing soothing music while you enjoy your photos. With a slot to insert SD media card, you can even upload or download pictures on/from your iGala. I don’t think you will need your SD card to provide space because its 1GB internal memory and stores over 5000 images.

iGala Wifi linux Photoframe 2

Coming with two models, one is FrameChannel service and the other one is Windows Live Framelt service, both can be customized. Its 110V/250V AC Adapter allows to be charged easily and an USB Connectivity is also provided with it. It also provides alarm and clock system so that you can keep your time. This beauty although costs $239.99 which is quite a big amount but functions make worth it.

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