The Impressive Beltone True Hearing Aid Provides Uber-Style

A triangular shaped device sits against a white backdrop. A transparent wire, which is flexible, runs from the device to an earpiece. The device and connecting earpiece would be no larger than your thumb. At first glance, the device may look like a Bluetooth headset. The triangular device, however, is a new age hearing aid developed by Belton True, that is set to change the way we perceive hearing aids.

Hearing aids are acoustic devices, electric in nature, that amplify sound. A hearing aid is usually worn by a person whose hearing has been affected due to old age, injury, or a congenital defect. There are various types of hearing aids. Behind the ear aids (BTE) are the most commonly used hearing aid and consists of an ear mold, a tube, and a case.

Behind the ear aids are functional in nature and amplify the surrounding sounds for the wearer. One drawback of BTEs is their design aesthetic. The skin colored case and transparent ear mold do not make for visually appealing aesthetics. And there is a certain amount of stigma attached to wearing them.

Beltone True’s new age hearing aids are high on aesthetics and high on performance. It has a gorgeous triangular shaped body that curves gently on one side. Sophisticated shades of metallic blue and silver have been used to drape the triangular shaped case. In most hearing aids, the connecting wire between the case and the earpiece is a thick plastic-based wire. Beltone True’s hearing aid has a thin membranous wire that connects the case to an ergonomic earpiece.

On the performance front, the True is a new generation wireless hearing instrument that can effortlessly pick up sounds from TV, phone, stereo, PC, iPod, or any audio device in pristine clarity. The True picks up audio waves via a 2.4 GHz signal.  A standout feature of the innovative hearing aid is its ability to multitask at ease, like a normal human ear. Hearing impaired listeners wearing the True can easily maintain a conversation with people around them, and at the same time listen to the radio, or watch their favorite TV program.

Other impressive features include a memory that is quadruple the size found in ordinary hearing aids, a new integrated circuit that instantly connects to other devices, and a remote control that allows the user to adjust the volume of each hearing aid individually.

You can try out the mighty impressive Beltone True hearing aid at

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