Innovative Om/One Levitating Speaker

Having bluetooth speakers is awesome, because you’re not tied down by wires. So if that’s awesome, how would you describe speakers that levitate? Maybe there’s not a word in our dictionary to describe the gravity-defying apparatus.

inovative Levitating Speaker

This orb that looks like a floating soccer ball is the Om/One Levitating Speaker, which is the world’s first levitating speaker, hovering about an inch above its base and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices + EDR. It hovers through magnetic repulsion, which makes sense, as speakers already involve the usage of large magnets, so why not making it hover, with hoverboards being such a trend right now.

As for the specs, it has a 33 feet wireless range, 75mm audio driver, a built in microphone for phone calls and a touch sensor to turn it on and off. One charge is good enough for 12 hours of continuous play and it includes speaker orb, base unit, 12V DC power supply, 24″ charging cable & stand.

innovative Levitating Speaker

Just having a speaker isn’t good enough these days. It needs to look good, slick and be original. The levitating speaker covers all those options, and the only issue is fighting the urge to kick it and shout “goal” because of how much it looks like a soccer ball. If you’re convinced, get it for $149.99.

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