iPad Transforms Into Mini-MacBook With CruxSkunk

Your faithful and trusty iPad can now be an active part of your desk with an interesting mod that makes it come halfway between a tablet and a MacBook.

Meet the CruxSkunk keyboard, a keyboard that also works as a case and transforms your iPad into what we like to call a “mini-MacBook”. It’s sort of like dressing up your tablet with some of the best accessories that excel in style, protective features and comfort, making the experience still portable, but akin to what you’d have using an actual computer. The CruxSkunk from CruxCase mimics the Appleā€™s MacBook aesthetic in its minimalistic look, but also respects the fonts and style. Not only does it work, it looks great too.

If you like what you see, head over to Kickstarter, and see their progress.

Source: Gizmodiva


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  1. Jack Klark .

    Wanted to get information on whats the difference between the macbook pro and macbook in 2009. I am looking for information on my decision to purchase one and was wondering the difference is because some list macbook pro and some macbook.

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